Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Installing Sierra Wireless Watcher on Vista

When I tried to install Sierra Wireless's Watcher onto my laptop [under Windows Vista] an error popped up as follows:

Internal Error 2753. DriverInstaller.exe

This is a Windows Installer error message and it happens with many software installations, not just Watcher. Nobody seems to know why... [See update at bottom of post]

Note - The Watcher software was installed on my old desktop [under Windows XP] without any problems.

I downloaded the very latest version of Watcher from the Sierra Wireless website, tried the installation on my Vista laptop again, and the result was exactly the same.

I sent an e-mail and the Sierra Wireless support folks provided a quick response the next morning. I adapted their suggestions and did the following:

From the Admin account, I called up the command prompt (Start, Run, cmd [enter], or Start, Accessories, Command Prompt) and then typed in:

regsvr32 vbscript.dll [enter]

This command threw up an unexplained 0x80004005 error but the wording seemed to imply that this particular error message was non-fatal. Then I re-ran the Watcher installer and this time it seemed to work fine (no '2753' error and halt this time).

The end result is that the 595U AirCard works just fine on the laptop under Vista.

I hope that this helps.

[UPDATE 9 April 2008: My esteemed colleague Dr. 'Ali' G explained that this error and cure relates to the vbscript DLL file not being registered. This is normally a sign that an MS-Office (or similar) product has never been installed (yep!) and, in such circumstances, the vbscript DLL file is typically not registered. Well there ya go.]

Disclaimer - at your own risk. Best to ask the support folks.


Anonymous said...

Worked for me.


lizzy said...

it worked for me thanks

Anonymous said...

Excellent. I'm glad it helped. And I'm glad that people that need this info are stumbling across it - Google I guess.