Wednesday, August 27, 2008

EV-DO throughput for comparison's sake

3.1 Mbps (mega bits per second, mega = million, bit = a 1 or a 0)
There are 8 bits per byte (by definition)
3.1 / 8 = 0.3875 MBps (capital B is Bytes)
This is same as 387.5 KBps (K = kilo = thousand) or 387,500 Bps.

x 60 seconds/min
x 60 minutes/hr
x 24 hours/day
x 30 days/month

1,004,400,000,000 Bytes/month
1,004,400,000 KB/month
1,004,400 MB/month
1004.4 GB/month (GB = gigabyte)
1.0044 TB/month (TB = Terabyte)

So: about 1000 GB per month per EV-DO channel.

This is per EV-DO channel. A tower could support multiple EV-DO channels. All that takes is money.

Some bandwidth is used for overhead. But I've seen 2.4Mbps as an individual user (so the actual is within sight of the theoretical).

So if 'abuse' is defined as 5GB (to pick a 'random' number out of the air), then this lone abuser (remember, they are only 0.1% of the user population) is perhaps using as little as 0.5% of the capacity of a single EV-DO channel. Or maybe ten times that much (5%). Which leaves 95~99% of the channel capacity available to the other users who barely use the system at all anyway.

In other words, the "0.1%" doesn't quite seem to square with the math. (Is that 0.1% of your entire customer base - spin spin spin - or 0.1% of just your Connect 75 Unlimited and Connect 100 Unlimited wireless data plans?)

The simplest explanation that does make sense (if true) is the one about Telus paying for EV-DO bandwidth from Bell in NS and NB and perhaps elsewhere.

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