Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who are the abusers?

Jim Johannsson of Telus said, "Some of these abusers have a habit of moving from carrier to carrier and doing the same thing until they get caught." The Gazette

This attempt at corporate spin certainly does not apply in our case. We are users, not 'abusers'. And we do not move 'from carrier to carrier'. Before Telus EV-DO service we only had dial-up Internet access. If and when Telus arbitraily cancels our EV-DO service sometime in September, then we will be back to dial-up until some distant future when some other high speed Internet option becomes available.

The only abuse in this issue is the Telus abuse of the word "Unlimited", and their abuse of their customers. In my case the limit to "Unlimited" was never revealed. And there was no warning. Only summary termination with 30 days notice rounded to the billing cycle.

Using "Unlimited" to mean something other than without limit is clearly an example of 'Deceptive Marketing Practices'.

And the thick trail of slime left behind more than adequately reveals that the true issues are internal, contractual, reported use of Bell towers (if true), poor strategy, etc.

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