Saturday, October 18, 2008

Telus Policies

Here are some Telus policies:

1) Your 'Unlimited' rate plan has limits
2) Those limits are undefined, ill-defined, unclear and/or insane
3) If you exceed those limits then your service will be terminated
4) No 2nd chances (because then they'd have to agree the defined limit)
5) You will be alternatively told that it's your fault, and then that it's not your fault
6) Telus will avoid putting any of this in writing

These policies clearly amount to Deceptive Marketing Practices.

Speculation: Perhaps Telus is desparately trying to improve its per-client financial numbers so that it can be bought by Bell. These two companies have been doing things together so much lately, practically lock-step, that they must be in constant communication. I suspect that Telus is trying to position itself to be bought by Bell for the highest possible price. This is just idle speculation on my part.

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