Sunday, January 11, 2009

Telus still holding onto my hardware refund

Happy New Year.

It's been many weeks since I sent the modem back to Telus. They offered a refund on the cost of the hardware. They've already sent me two monthly invoices showing a huge negative balance (they owe me for the hardware refund).

But there is no sign of them actually getting around to pressing the Print Cheque button.

I have tried contacting them via their website, but their 'Contact Us' so-called 'e-mail' page appears to be broken. The script asks me to not leave certain fields blank, but those fields are not displayed. Which makes the entire on-line Contact Us process broken.

To be clear - this refund is just for the hardware. Even after they send me an actual cheque for the hardware refund that they promised, there may be additional unresolved issues relating to their cancellation of my Internet service and all the associated discrepant statements from them.

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