Thursday, February 5, 2009

Telus are morons...

I've tried for a few months to use their on-line "e-mail" contact-us feature. It does not work. It has a couple of flaws. 1) It demands that I enter my telephone number, but it provides no such field. I did enter my telephone and account numbers in the body, but that didn't work. 2) For many categories of inquires it does not offer any sub-categories in the pull-done menu, but the form demands the sub-category.

How can they not have noticed that their on-line inquiries have dropped-off due to these flaws?

Here is the annotated cut-and-paste screen capture (Firefox) to provide the evidence.

[Update - it barely works with IE, but not at all Firefox. I haven't used IE for months. Even with IE, most combinations of Product, Category and Subcategory do not work. Don't they check these things?]

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