Monday, March 17, 2008

Cause of occasional service drop-outs

Occasionally the Internet would be unavailable. Upon investigation and sometimes a bit of frustration, I would determine that the EV-DO + Router had gone off-line. Up to now, I just 'fixed it' by cycling power to the CTR-350.

Finally I had time to check the logs inside the CTR-350 (amazing gadget, so much in such a small box) and I found that the root cause was a 'lease expiry' of the IP address. I expect that this issue comes from Telus. Perhaps they don't expect people to remain connected to their EV-DO network for such a long time.

No big deal. It doesn't happen all that often (at least not that I've noticed).

UPDATE: There's a setting inside the CTR-350 for the IP Address lease expiry time (LAN side I presume). It seems to be set to 1440 minutes (exactly 24 hours). This means that if you're farting around with the CTR-350 (cycling power for example) at 7:15pm one day, then the next day it may hiccup at exactly the same time (i.e. likely to be prime time). I think that I'll set it to some other value than exactly 24 hours to avoid deja vu all over again a second time day after day. Either that or perhaps I'll wake up at 3:30 am and cycle the power to get it on a schedule that I won't notice. Disclaimer - I'm not sure about any of this.

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