Monday, March 31, 2008

World's most complicated telephone call

An outfit called 'Princess Auto' has (had?) a bunch of LinkSys Skype cordless telephones (CIT-300) in their surplus section for $50. It'd be better to buy a model with built-in Skype and WiFi so that it would go directly to your WiFi router. I just bought it for laughs and to learn a bit more about the related subjects. And since it also has a POTS (RJ-11) connection, it is a reasonable DECT cordless phone anyway.

In spite of information to the contrary, a Vista-compatible driver is actually available. Don't bother manually searching the LinkSys Canada website for it, just Google CIT-300 and Vista and it should lead you indirectly to the LinkSys USA page with the download.

When I was playing around with this set-up (minus the WRT-54GL) I noticed that there were three wireless links going at once: DECT, WiFi amd EV-DO. I found that a bit amusing.

UPDATE: Although I have this equipment, I have NEVER paid any money into my Skype account. I have never made an actual VOIP telephone call. Basically we do not VOIP in this household. The only reason I bought the Skype phone is because it was so cheap and functions as a normal cordless landline telephone.

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