Monday, May 5, 2008

Looks like the Connect 75 Plan is gone

The unlimited Connect 75 Plan is gone. Now it is $65 for only ONE measly GB, and $10 per GB after that. So my typical monthly usage would cost $65 + ($10 * 14GB extra) + fees = $205 ++

Telus Rate Plans = LINK

I've been informed that I can remain on the present plan until the end of time.

Sorry to those that missed it.


RoMu said...

To Anonymous poster,

Very interested in the deal you got from Telus that they are letting you stay on the plan. I'm in Ontario. I have/had the same plan and like you have been pushing the unlimited data transfer. I'm being told by Telus that I either have to take a lesser package for the same price or they will just terminate the contract and cut me off. I'd be very interested in hearing how you worked out the deal for life at the same rate.

Email me at

Anonymous said...

See posts up blog. There's no good news. I believe that a Class Action lawsuit may be in order.