Monday, July 7, 2008

New mast in the neighbourhood...

Our neighbourhood is already well served with cell-phone towers. So the new mast that just poked up above the trees is probably not just another cell-phone tower.

I must go check to see if WiMax or similar has arrived...

(But, I had better be very careful to check the Fair Usage Caps before signing up to a new provider. It would be annoying to end up paying more for less.)

UPDATE: No news. Bell and Rogers websites still suck; monstrous pigs of bandwidth wasting stupidity. Anyway, once I had waited for the multi-megabyte webpages to finally load, there is nothing new in the Sympatico Unplugged nor Rogers Portable Internet (exactly the same thing except the plans vary). Also, nothing new mentioned on the HRM Broadband project either (but I'll bet that is what it is).

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