Friday, August 29, 2008

Regarding 'Grandfathering'

Telus spokesman Jim Johannsson wrote that 99.9% of all 'Connect 75' (he meant to write 'Connect 75 Unlimited' LOL) clients will remain 'grandfathered'. Traditionally this implies that the historical Telus policy will apply and that these user may remain on that plan for as long as they want (even after their contract expires).

Jim Johannsson from Edmonton, Canada writes: Hi Jack, Just some clarification for you. We have grandfathered the Connect 75 plan so all customers on that plan can continue to enjoy it with the exception of a very small group of customers who are abusing it. ...Jim Johannsson TELUS Media Relations

Strange. Because that's not what Telus man Simon said to me on 20 August 2008 during our first of two telephone calls. Simon said that all 'Unlimited' users "will be gone in 30 months" (30 months apparently being the approximate time until the very last contract expires).

Perhaps Telus would like to clarify this apparent discrepancy.

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