Monday, September 1, 2008

The view from Kingston

'Alex J' left an important comment on a post below.

His basic point is that Telus is creating themselves a reputation of not living up to their end of the deal (his example being the new charge for incoming SMS text messages). In other words, he thinks that you can't trust them (and I agree) and you should therefore think very carefully about the position you're putting yourself in before you sign up to any long term, lopsided contracts.

You can read his comment by clicking HERE.

Your local Small Claims Court beckons for those that have been wronged. You can claim back every last penny and more; even including the cost of submitting the claim. And the adjudicator will almost certainly tell them where to stick their Early Termination Fee in cases where Telus is trying to change the deal part way into a contract.

I suppose one might want to ask Telus about their favorite mediator, but when that comes back with any expenses above the cost of Small Claims Court, then just bypass it. Your local court isn't going to allow them to be unreasonable. And sooner or later the local sherriff will seize their assets, or cut power to one their towers, to force them to pay up all the outstanding judgments

Wireless companies sometimes act as if they're above the law. They're not.

And, don't forget to file a complaint at CCTS. See HERE for the details.

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