Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Simon sez

Simon sez that this cancellation campaign has been approved by the highest levels of Telus (mis-)management. So it is not some out-of-control Fabian making bad decisions, and not some VP named Rob choosing the wrong path. It is reportedly driven straight from the very top.

Wiki: Darren Entwistle is the current President and CEO of Telus. He is one of the highest paid CEO's in Canada with earnings from salary, benefits and stock options averaging over 5 million dollars per year since 2004.

Apparently they're not really all that frightened of the CCTS since the penalty might be as low as $5k for this whole fiasco (seems to vary with different sources).

So maybe the Competition Bureau will have more of an impact.

Thanks for all the info Simon, I do appreciate the level of detail that is being provided with each call. Are we starting to see the advantages of a nice, well-drafted letter with approved wording? Ideally you would include some carrot with the stick and you might have come out smelling like roses. Perhaps such a more reasoned approach might have cost a bit more time and money, but do you think this is going to be as cheap as you thought?

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