Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some myths about Telus EV-DO service

Some Telus myths...

Myth #1) 'Unlimited' really means unlimited. [Source Telus representative (see ref. A)]

No it doesn't. The unstated limit is up to about 5GB per month. Anything more than that and you will be moved up the list for cancellation without any 2nd chance (no warning, just 30-days notice and you're gone). Note that this 5GB monthly bandwidth cap is somewhat variable and is not mentioned anywhere in the Ts & Cs.

Myth #2) Once you're on a Telus service plan, you will be grandfathered for as long as you wish. Telus will never take away a plan. You don't need to sign a contract to ensure that your plan will remain in place for as long as you want to keep it. [Source Telus representative (see ref. B)]

Telus is reportedly, right now, actively canceling all customers presently under the Connect 75 Unlimited plan (prioritized in order of bandwidth usage, heaviest users go first). Those not under contract are getting thirty days notice that the party is over. Those under contracts will not be able to continue once their contract expires. "Everyone will be off this plan no more than about 30 months from now."

Myth #3) You're not permitted to use streaming multimedia using EV-DO. [Telus stated Ts & Cs.]

That is not true. Virtually every Internet user encounters streaming multimedia to some extent on a daily basis. The actual restriction is their unstated 5GB per month bandwidth cap. This streaming contractual term is just there in case they need it. It is selectively enforced only to enforce the unstated bandwidth cap.

Myth #4) Nobody should need anymore than 5GB per month. [Implied by Telus's secret policy regarding 'unlimited' data plans]

Oh puhlease. Maybe if you're 80 years old. Our normal usage pattern is 15 GB per month, and that's the slow months. Just the Microsoft and other security updates can be several GB per month.


A. Telus representative, Burnside outlet (Dartmouth, NS), at time of purchase and sign-up. Representative assured me that the Connect 75 Unlimited plan was "Unlimited, unlimited, unlimited, unlimited, unlimited."

B. Telus representative, Bedford Mall (Bedford, NS), at the time when Telus website announced the upcoming end of the period when the Connect 75 Unlimited plan would be made available for sign-up. I went in and asked if I should sign-up for a two or three year contract to ensure that I could continue to have this plan. It was explained to me that Telus always allows customers to continue with their current plan under a grandfathered basis for as long as you wish. I was reassured that there was no need for me to sign-up to a contract. I could remain under the Connect 75 Unlimited plan for as long as I wished (just like some people are still under the Talk Halifax plan many years later). See a previous post about this assurance.

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