Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Telus Connect 75 Unlimited being killed off

The Telus (Canada) "Connect 75 Unlimited" data plan is being killed off (not just unavailable to new subscribers, but terminating existing subscribers). If you use more than about 5GB per month, and if you're not under contract, then you'll be getting a call soon in priority order of your usage (heaviest users first). I've seen people mentioning even just 12 GB of usage getting the call.

You'll be given about 30 days notice. If you have a contract, they will try to get you off the plan by invoking the prohibition against Streaming Multimedia (LOL) or VOIP or whatever. Never admit to anything when you're forced to speak with them (it might delay your disconnection). The real issue is your bandwidth consumption (they have admitted this to me) - not the particular protocol you use.

5GB is the actual monthly bandwidth limit for the Connect 75 Unlimited data plan.

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