Friday, September 12, 2008

Telus campaign focused on NS and NB ?

Telus was (is?) making various and ever changing claims about the real reason for their campaign.

"Streaming multimedia", "affecting other users", "just because".

Some commentators have stated that Telus subcontracts to Bell / Aliant towers in Atlantic Canada and theorized that the true reason for the purported or pending cancellations is purely financial.

According an informal poll, 75% of those responding are in NS or NB.

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Seems to be a trend.

I feel confident that further investigation would be able to reveal if this focus on clients in certain regions is true or not. And if it is true, then it indicates that the true purpose of the campaign is purely financial, not technical.

PS: 'Simon' the Telus rep told me that the 'head honcho' for this cancellation campaign is a guy named 'Fabian'. Reportedly Fabian is pretty much the top Telus man for the Atlantic provinces. So if Fabian is 'the top man for the Atlantic Provinces', and was also apparently in charge of this "Unlimited" data plan cancellation campaign, makes it very clear that Telus is tired of reselling Bell's EV-DO service in Atlantic Canada under the terms that THEY set in the first place. It all fits together perfectly. Appears to be pure financial motivation covered with untruths.

Competition Bureau investigators may wish to follow up with this regional aspect of the evidence. All my contact information is listed on my formal complaint.

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