Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Unlimited - another example

When we were using dial-up access to the Internet, we had an "Unlimited" dial-up access plan from a very nice company called Auracom. We paid (at the time) about $15 per month for unlimited dial-up Internet access.

Now obviously the low data rate of dial-up (perhaps 48kbps) means that we're not going to be downloading very many GB of data every month, but I will tell you that we kept one of their telephone lines plugged up for many hours during the prime-time evening hours almost every night. Certainly in the ball-park of about 100 hours per month. In other words, one of their telephone lines and modems was more-or-less dedicated to us.

All for $15 a month.

Never a complaint from Auracom about "abusing" their unlimited dial-up plan. They treated us like a valuable client and we left them on very good terms.

And never a complaint from our local telco Aliant about "abusing" their unlimited residential telephone line service by using it for dial-up access for many hours a day.

Now I realize that dial-up hours aren't exactly the same thing as those oh-so-precious (sic) GBs, but it does show that not all companies engage in deceptive marketing practices with respect to placing practical limits on various "Unlimited" service plans.

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