Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Telus still using the 'U'-word...

"Unlimited" What a strange word... I wonder what it means?

When it comes to clients using the EV-DO wireless data service under the "Connect 75 Unlimited" rate plan it certainly does not mean "without limits". So what exactly does it mean? Telus rep Simon told me that "5GB is cool", and he snorted when I suggested that I could try to keep our usage to around 15 GB per month.

Our "Unlimited" wireless data service was terminated BECAUSE we used it too much. Not just me - others report the same thing. Which means that Telus advertising of "Unlimited" access amounts to a bald-faced lie (i.e. DECEPTIVE MARKETING PRACTICES).

Telus deserves a huge fine.

PS: The 'Office of the President' (of Telus) has been trying desperately to get in touch with me. But they rather ineptly call my home number during working hours (duh!), and then do not return my calls when I'm actually available.

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