Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Circumstantial evidence for the root cause?

Is there a pattern of even more circumstantial evidence for the root cause of the apparently, reportedly Maritime-focused termination of the Telus (reportedly subcontracted to Bell) 'Connect 75 Unlimited' rate plan...

Someone recently posted a comment somewhere: "I've still been using 20-30 GB per month on my Connect 75 aircard; no problems so far (might be due to living in Telus-friendly Alberta versus eastern Canada though)."

Hmmm... Here is a so-called 'abusive' usage pattern - but no problem if you live in Alberta.

Meanwhile, a Bell wireless data rate page provides some insight into the other side of the same slippery back-room Bell/Telus dealings...

Bell - Mobile Internet cards and sticks plans
Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada [here] = $85 up to 5GB
British Columbia and Alberta [here] = $100 up to 250MB = 0.25GB (useless!!)

It really sounds to me like Bell and Telus (which rumours have it are subcontracting each other's towers based on geography) have decided to screw each other over royally.

And this might be what 'forced' Telus to terminate their Maritime clients that were using the 'Connect 75 Unlimited' rate plan any more than "5GB (per month) is cool".

This theory provides a rational explanation for all the facts that have been reported.

But it doesn't excuse it.

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