Sunday, September 28, 2008


Telus advertised the "Connect 75 Unlimited" wireless data service as having an "unlimited" monthly data usage cap. Lesser plans had specific numbers of GB written under that same column heading.

In my case, at the time of sale, it was confirmed to me by the Telus representative that the plan in question was, "Unlimited, unlimited, unlimited, unlimited, unlimited." I discussed my planned usage pattern with the Telus representative and we even compared WiFi routers that are compatible with the wireless modem.

Now it turns out that "5 GB is cool", and even as low as 12 GB usage per month is too much.

Telus has now cut-off our wireless data service (BECAUSE we were using too much).

I'm now back to using dial-up Internt access.

This marketing behaviour is, in my opinion, criminal. If something is advertised as being unlimited, then it is wrong to de-select your customers based on their usage. That makes a mockery of the word "unlimited".

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