Monday, September 22, 2008

We have been actually cut-off

Our EV-DO service was cut-off on Saturday morning (20-September-2008).

Telus violated their own Terms of Service several times.

1) On 20-August-2008 we were given notice that we would be cut-off on 25-September-2008.

2) We were actually cut-off on 15-September-2008 (this is less than 30 days notice, that's 1).

3) We called in to complain, and the service was reinstated, but only until 20-September. In other words, we had only 4-days notice of the new earlier cut-off date. Telus brought the date forward purely in spite, but in doing so failed to provide the minimum notice of the new cut-off date (that's 2).

I will be formally complaining to CCTS about these violations by Telus's of their very own Terms of Service.

Keep in mind the largest issue:

Telus advertised "unlimited" service. They did not provide any indication of any monthly bandwidth limit; in fact they advertised the plan as being "unlimited" by name and by description. And now they are cutting-off service to those selected customers where they feeel those customers are using too much bandwidth.

This is a crystal clear example of Deceptive Marketing Practices.

At this point, it's not about the cut-off. It's about the deceptive advertising and marketing practices.

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