Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The bums owe me a day of service

That Monday (15 September 2008) when the bums cut-off my Internet service all day long (here), we were only able to use 63,394 kilobytes. That's next to nothing.

The bums owe me a day of service.

For comparison, on Saturday 13 September 2008, we were out of the house all day long - we went for a very long drive (800+ km) starting at 7AM and we didn't get home till very late evening. And on that day we used 81,316 kilobytes. And we weren't even home all day!!!

And it really shows what "reasonable" usage is. 81,316 KB a day is just barely under 2.5 GB a month. We weren't even home all day !!!!

"5 GB a month" - get real. You guys are dreaming in technicolor.

Pure financial motivation due to your choice to subcontract your service Bell towers in Atlantic Canada. "Deceptive Marketing Practices"

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